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  • Licences/ Permit
    • SEO Licence
    • Renewal of SEO Licence
    • Supplier Licence
    • Store Licence
      1. Movable PSEM Store Licence
      2. Non-movable PSEM Store Licence
    • Conveyance Permit
    • Discharge Permit
      1. Discharge Permit (Stream A)
      2. Discharge Permit (Stream B)
    • Other Forms
      1. Authorization to Release Personal Data in Applying for a Licence Form
      2. Authorization to Collect Special Effects Operator Licence(s)
      3. Authorization to Release Data Relating to SEO Licence(s)
      4. Questionnaire on the Quality of Services provided by the Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority
      5. Special Effects Operator (SEO) Log Sheet
      6. Report of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials (PSEM) Used
      7. Acknowledgement of Using Special Effects Materials in an Entertainment Programme
      8. Stock Record for PSEM Supplier
      9. Stock Book for Movable Store
      10. Report of Conveyance of PSEM
    • SEO List
      1. Special Effects Operators Class I (Stream A)
      2. Special Effects Operators (Stream B)
      3. Special Effects Operators Class II (Stream A)
      4. Special Effects Assistants (Stream A)
      5. Special Effects Assistants (Stream B)
      6. Special Effects Operators (Stream A Short term)
      7. Special Effects Operators (Stream B Short term)
      8. Special Effects Assistants (Stream A Short term)
      9. Special Effects Assistant (Stream B Short term)

  • PSEM Register

  • Ordinance
    • ESEO
    • ESE(G)R
    • ESE(F)R
    • ESEMLR

  • Codes of Practice
    • Code of Practice 1 (SEM)
    • Code of Practice 2 (LPG)

  • Guidance Notes
    • Guidance Notes 1
    • Guidance Notes 2
    • Guidance Notes 3
    • Guidance Notes 4
    • Guidance Notes 5
    • Guidance Notes 6

  • Reference Materials

  • What's New

  • About Us

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Performance Pledge

  • Links

  • Contact Us

  • Site Map

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